Eiichiro Oda
One Piece Mangaka

Eiichiro Oda is a manga artist, who was born January 1st 1975. He is widely known and credited for creating the series One Piece. Which was originally created in 1997 and is still currently in production. Not only is One Piece the best selling manga in history, it was also the best selling comic in history. Making Oda one of the best selling authors of all time. Oda is considered as one of the manga artists who changed its history forever. You can’t find too many pictures or interviews of Oda online, although he was deeply creative he seemed to be pretty conservative, laid back and maybe a little bit introverted.

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Eiichiro Oda coin was created to honor the great legacy of the man himself and to bring back anime season. Anime season occurred in the latest bull run and had coins like Luffy, Mononoke, Kishimoto and more do very impressive runs. Our goal is to cultivate a strong and engaged community who works together to grow the project to new heights as the time passes. We also want to introduce interesting and useful utilities that will keep our Eiichiro Oda alive and thriving for a long time to come. We understand the importance of having a strong community and that will be number one on our list. We also understand the importance of creating something different and useful and that's why utility is a high priority as well.

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